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Cultivating Floral Artistry since 2006

Our flowers are grown in rhythm with the seasons

Flowers have been a part of our family for three generations. Growing up in and around this natural beauty has instilled in us a sense of growing with the seasons, living in harmony with nature, and not forcing what is not to be forced.

You will find blooms of beauty on our farm that thrive and flourish at different times of the year. We respect their cycles and implement sustainable practices, working with the natural rhythm of the season to ensure they flourish.

A Family Business

In the truest sense of the term, we are a family business. With the flower business being such a massive part of both our lives growing up, it has extended now to our own family, with our children almost as involved as we are!

Blooming Bouquets Year Round


The rich soil, lovingly cultivated over the years provides the perfect environment for our various blooms to blossom year round on our small family flower farm nestled in the village of Yanderra – Wollondilly Shire, located at the foothills of the Southern Highlands…

News from the Flower Farm


Here you will find a space where we share our knowledge and experience from flower growing to seasonal planting, raising four beautiful children in a farm environment and all the tips and tutorials we can offer…

We invite you to explore, delight and discover the beautiful blooms we offer…

Southern Highlands flowers

The Farm

Let us share our beautiful little part of the world through imagery and some history about where we have come from…

Family Portrait Jonima Flowers in Southern Highlands NSW

The Family

Allow us to introduce you to our crazy little family that makes all of this beauty so possible and an absolute joy every day…

Stunning Jonima Flower Bouquets


We offer bouquets year round, whether it be for farmers markets, wholesale or for a special someone in your world…


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