Farmers Markets

Carriageworks Farmer Market

A gorgeous undercover precinct that brings growers and artisan producers to the city.  A place where you can connect with the growers who are passionate about their produce.

Every Saturday 8am to 1pm

Capital Region Farmers Market

A wonderful regional farmers market that showcases the best of growers around the surrounding regions of Canberra.  Definitely a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs.

Every Saturday 7am to 11.30am

Kiama Farmers Market

A lovely outdoor market by the sea.  A genuine farmers market to get the best of seasonal produce direct from the growers and makers, while enjoying the sea views. 

Every Wednesday 2pm to 5pm

South Side Farmers Market

South Side farmers market is a village market that provides all the fresh food you need for your weekly shop.

Every Sunday 8am to 11.30am>

Haig Park Village Markets

Pick up fresh produce, beautiful blooms, artisan breads, deli and meats, treats as well as delicious food in the surroundings of beautiful Haig Park. Sit back, relax and listen to the live local talents whilst devouring the culinary delights on offer.

Every Sunday 8:30M – 2PM

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